Begin, Believe, Bethink

“Begin, Believe, Bethink” is a revisited poem. When I had originally written it, the title was “Believe, Remember, Move.” It’s about opportunities, inspiration, life, hope, and many other things that stand unique to every individual. Based on personal experiences and drawn from experiences of others close to me and of people who I have always looked up to.

For a commoner dressed in humanity,
Divested of all vanity,
There are yet stones unturned, milestones unachieved,
Works yet undone, things unperceived.

You are not the best as they may say,
You are just a prop in their play.
For now you may be the best,
A moment later you are behind the rest.

Life has many a bend my friend,
Today is a start, not the end.
The days left behind are now your past,
Do the deeds that forever will last.

BEGIN- today to make your deeds count tomorrow,
Stories about you will open, “A long time ago…”
Life asks you to keep the move,
Every day, with every step, improve.

BELIEVE- in yourself, your dreams are near,
With every inch eliminate fear.
There is a light in you, you need to discover,
For people are today, they are not forever.

BETHINK- the world is a place too small,
When your thoughts are high and tall.
For every time you rise, when you fall,
There will be a day, when You will be above all.


Begin, Believe, Bethink

Begin, Believe, Bethink


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