The Last Ray Of Hope


For times had come,
When a million souls,
Saw him as their hope;
When he was there only reliance;
And he saw his hopes,
Slowly disintegrating into fragments of tiny matter.

The Holocaust of his hopes,
Was not his way of life.
He knew, he needed to do something,
To set things right.

So he decided, he rose, he believed,
That some day he would be,
Leading the million.
He searched for the smallest ray of hope;
For an answer to his unanswered questions.
He was the sailor in the sea,
The explorer on land,
The mountaineer at the peak,
But only at last did he learn,
That he had it in himself,
He had- The last ray of Hope.

He taught me to never forget,
That I am;
That I am my Last Ray of Hope…


The Last Ray of Hope

The Last Ray of Hope




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