A Legend


Standing there he gazed,
At his Pond of Pain;
He whispered,
He knew, “Everything will be good tomorrow.”
Dolent his life, his state;
His loneliness,
His mate.
When a young, lots he had dreamed;
Then, life would be easy,
It seemed.
And now, with a hope to fight better every day he rose;
His optimism served him his daily dose.
He was brave, yet so bleak;
He was strong, yet so weak.
He knew he would be a winner someday;
On the Ocean of Happiness, he would lay.


A door opened at him, he realized;
He was certain, “My sweat will be prized.”
It was the time of his test;
He summoned his experiences, he gave his best.


The day of his victory finally arrived;
A title, “The Ocean Keeper”, he derived.
His sweated labor was his golden ride;
He was now, their hero, he was their pride.
It was just the beginning, not the end;
He is and forever will be called a Legend.


A Legend

A Legend



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