There are times in life;
When one is few words away from victory;
He is just steps away from happiness;
And is a foot away from success.
It is then that the one with heavy heart,
Does not see himself as a successful man;
It is his fear that abacks him and turns him away.
But in times to come, later, he finds himself lonely;
He curses himself, as he had left his finished work unfinished.
At a moment in the past he had dreamt of his goal;
He crippled towards it with all his might;
Alas! He missed it by a sunken hokum.

The next moment of repentance is no worth.
He walks again with a new ignited and unfragmented hope;
With encouragement and boldness in his heart;
With his head held high with confidence.
It is then he works harder and reaches the same place he had missed;
He remembers his fatal miss;
And tearing apart his fears, just jumps upon his target.
He only then realizes the sweetness of true victory;
Only then he can walk with his head held high of pride;
It’s then that he can call himself a man of Idealism.






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