Question I

“Question I” is inspired by Act II, Scene II of Shakespeare’s play, “Julius Caesar” and by personal incidents. It’s set against the background of a solar eclipse and the superstitions associated with it. A dialogue between a mother and her son takes place in which the sorrowful mother (mater dolorosa) considers it bad omen for her son to leave home. The son however, leaves after the argument. He comes back home late at night, safe. So the question- “What lost belief or misbelief?” Read to see how things unfold.

Belief oh! Belief,
Belief or, Misbelief.
For when the moon before the sun,
And earth beyond,
The Night casts its shadow onto earth;
For once not forever.
And a thousand thoughts,
Belief or Misbelief, I say,
Grip thy land,
Not loose at hand.

So subtle, so serene,
Silent or, Sound.
The shout within,
Silence without.
For mater dolorosa,
It was a faux pas to go out;
Belief, she would say.
The child ignorant, a young man,
He would make of himself,
“It’s Misbelief”, he whispered.

Take oh! Take,
Take or, Mistake.
For mater took silent,
A shout within.
He would take disbelief, she knew;
And left to pray for his well-being,
There she was.
At late hour, he returned, serene.
A question unanswered,
What defeated- Belief or Misbelief…

Question I

Question I



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