I was weak,
I felt frail.
And there I lay,
Not an inch to move,
And there I lay,
To surrender I approve.

And laziness that gripped me,
Its arms I sensed around,
As if a halt it had made,
A cuddling halt only for me.

I know not what it was,
With no care of the world around,
I was free then of,
Things to which I was bound.

Yes! And then I felt,
Warm winds,
Tossing my hair,
Upwards in the air.
Warm winds,
Pass by with a kiss,
For me to wear.

It was like my laziness,
Had all my pain healed,
It was unusual,
I was light.
And there again I lay,
As I rose to freedom,
And there again I lay,
I was in my Kingdom…


“Battlefield” is a title given by a friend. I had written this poem one evening when I had gotten up from my afternoon nap and was too lazy to get out of bed. I had to meet someone. When I was in the rickshaw, it somehow felt very good. I was half asleep and pleasant warm winds gave a feeling of flight. I came home later and wrote about it. Sent it to the friend and I asked her what should the title be. She said that it felt like it’s about a soldier who is lying wounded on a battlefield…





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