Stages of Despair on One Side

“Stages of Despair on One Side” is about the thoughts and feelings in the 7 stages of a one-sided love story. This is something most people can easily connect with. I had read an article on ArtParasites which talked about this. So I thought that putting it in poetry would bring out better emotional connect and fill in or leave out the appropriate spaces in those thoughts and feelings.

She was now in his head,
He saw her, as a person different.
Every interaction reconsidered,
For hidden meanings.
He realized something.

And plan and plan further,
Is all he did.
He thought again,
Of the infinite possibilities.
He was back to silence.

He wanted her all the more now,
For somewhere he knew,
He can’t have her.
He became her shadow.
There was a strange obsession.

And of course now, the denial.
But he never liked her,
So a list to justify that, he made.
“She is totally wrong for me…,”
He tried to make believe.

He simmered with helplessness.
It was like a muscle ache,
He just had to accept.
And time made it easier,
To ignore that voice of wanting.

And defeat is all he gets.
For now his body has learned,
To let go, bit by bit.
There was nothing to keep him involved,
He now woke up without her thought.

Weeks, months, years…
Things are okay again.
But occasional remembrances,
Pure nostalgia of little memories.
The dreams, the nights, the endless talks,
The sharing of secrets with mates.
It’s not an entirely unpleasant feeling.

Derived from a submission to ArtParasites by Charlotte Green


Stages of Despair on One Side

Stages of Despair on One Side


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