At the Riverside

“At the Riverside” is an English translation of a poem I had co-written with a friend in Hindi ( A poem very personal and close to he heart. It describes a paradise that can only be imagined. The poem is set in the time of twilight, far away from busy life.

These deep silences
They are beginning to be heard
These limits at the horizon
They are beginning to blush

The river that bickered all through the day
Is now serene, now at rest
And immersed in the reconciliation of dusk
It whispers away something so soft

This is the one moment
Oh! Why is it so little?

For this hour to stop
Is all there is to plead
To kiss the wind
Is a mere last wish.

The night will be over this way
The moments shall pass
With no note of their returns
Of when again we will hum this song…

At the Riverside

At the Riverside


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