This poem is inspired by a film based on true events.

“They were rivals on track.”
Their rivalry known far and wide.
Beyond prejudice, they stood,
And high in pride.

Disown’d by their own little worlds,
For when they’d begun.
Youth gave them shelter,
Forward they blast’d, bullets off a gun.

Acknowledged by time,
Conflict within and out the mind.
Envy and admiration,
Their relation defin’d.

And poles apart their thoughts,
They came to face,
And victory in another’s defeat,
They came to race.

Charge, oh charge!
Even harder at the bend.
Burn, oh burn!
The road never seem’d to end.

“They were rivals on track!”
Their rivalry known far and wide.
They did command respect,
That unknown fear, they didn’t hide.

Even at the close of the eyes,
They fought, they raced,
All pain endur’d,
Death terms bought, recovery paced.

But inspired, themselves by,
And yet, inspiring the other,
Put, one, his life on the line,
Ready the risk, and prepar’d to wither.

He the other’s enemy,
And the other, his,
But none the other’s curse,
A blessing, if you please.

Glory, grandeur, splendor shower’d,
Prov’d to himself and all who did doubt,
Once and for all it was enough,
Rivalry, was it about?

“They were rivals on track?”
Their rivalry known far and wide.
They were both champions,
Come the rain, or come the tide.




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