The Railway Bards

4th January’ 17, we are on our way to Hyderabad. Even though we are not the best of students, one of us has a notebook and someone has a pen. And sometimes Sleeper Class beats even the best coaches. It is evening (my favourite time of the day), the windows are open, cold winds have bid us farewell long ago, and open fields invite the sun to rest. So rose (or was made to rise) the poet in each of us and we scribbled line after line…

The poem written below is an edited version of the original.

Oh! Let not the sun set for today,
For we are beguiled by the omnipresence of light.

For we are headed towards our destiny,
Like migratory birds in search for paradise.

And as I look out of the window,
It seems like the journey is our destiny.

Like lost in the ocean on a rudderless boat,
We stand nowhere to go, nowhere to reach.
Is this a dream or reality, can’t guess!
But it is beautiful.
Beautiful is all the more, the green fields stretching to the horizon,
Oh! I’ve befriended them too…

This journey, a venture, a voyage,
Delightful as hope in this endlessness.

An endlessness which canvases ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’,
Creating a paradox, rather ineffable.
Is this just the beginning?
Or it is the end of lonely nights and days.
The sun is closer to its destination,
For today, we too are on our way…


The Railway Bards

The Railway Bards


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