Thought I Would Say

I only (just) woke up

And to look at the vast stretch of land
For as far as my gaze fell upon.
And there, at the horizon
Where the violet sky changed colours
To different shades of red,
Stood the sun for a moment;
As big as it is called
I dared to look at him in the eye
We came face to face.
He did not shine too bright
And an unlikely bond we made.
I saw the entire picture
Oh! It was beautiful.
But perhaps it was the sunset
Or sunrise
No, the city was quiet
But was it calm?

I don’t know
If I got up too early
Or if I slept too long.

But the sun had the moon to meet
Doesn’t matter
Daybreak or nightfall
It had to move on, and so did I…

Thought I Would Say

Thought I Would Say


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